Hotel van Oranje sponsor many events and foundations. We also support local community projects. To finance all these great causes and local projects the Hotel van Oranje owners have set up an own foundation: the MOBO foundation

Hotel van Oranje regularly support good causes. Whether this includes children born with HIV or the sponsoring of recreational events, the Hotel van Oranje like to offer a helping hand. Below, you can find the list of causes, recreational events in Noordwijk and charities we support:

Causes we support

3FM Serious Request

KWF Beating Cancer, Samenloop for Hoop, Noordwijk

Leids University Medical Centre, Leiden

The Eye Foundation Netherlands, North and South Holland region

SOS Kinderdorpen

Stichting Cliniclowns Netherlands

Stichting Kika

Stichting Aids Fund, Amsterdam

Stichting Fund Slachtofferhulp Netherlands, Den Haag

Stichting Orange Babies, Amsterdam

Stichting OpkikkerStichting Prinses Beatrix Fund, Den Haag

Stichting Rotary t.b.v Ronald MCDonald Leiden

Stichting Spieren for Spieren, Blaricum

Stichting The Quality of Life Gala, Noordwijk

Noordwijk Reddingsbrigade, Noordwijk

Stichting AmsterdamDinner, Amsterdam

Stichting Holland Dance Festival, Den Haag

Stichting Ronnie Tober Foundation, Apeldoorn

Stichting Animal Sanctuary, Groningen

Stichting Atlantic Wall, Noordwijk

Stichting Bak van Boemeldonck, Prinsenbeek

Stichting Beheer, Prinsenbeek

Stichting Be-More, Nijmegen

Stichting Equanova, Pesse

Stichting Hoogvliegers

Stichting Rolerisuit, Breda

Stichting Via Bellare, Prinsenbeek

Stichting Steun Amor Musae, Prinsenbeek

Stichting Vrienden Museum Noordwijk

Stichting Woonvorm The Vlinder, Prinsenbeek

Stichting World Care Benelux, Nijmegen

Stichting Kinderboerderij Noordwijk

Stichting Noordwijks Nieuwjaarsconcert

Stichting Fund Slachtofferhulp

Stichting Geschiedschrijving Noordwijk

Chess Club Daniel Noteboom Vereniging, Oude Dorpskern Noordwijk

Vereniging HIV

Oscar Carre Fund

Festival ’s-HeerenLooLands – Willem van den Bergh Stichting Noordwijk

Sponsoring of local events

VV Noordwijk

Bloemencorso/Mooiste File

Cars for Charity

Beach Hockey Noordwijk

New Year's Ball

Painting Festival

Tulip Rally

Fight against the Sea

Sport Elections

Stichting Vrienden Harddraverij

Tower Climb

Winterchallong to Monte Carlo

Genootschap Oud-Noordwijk

Rabbit Auction

Olympia tour

Oranje Association Noordwijk

Football Gala VV Noordwijk

Sports Gala

Diaconie Dinner Protestants District Noordwijk

10 van Noordwijk (marathon)

Mountainbike Beach race

District Association het oude zeedorp 

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