Would you like to share your new ideas or meet new people? Naturally, this is more enjoyable with the addition of good food and refreshing drinks. We organise your tailor-made networking event into a luxury, comfortable environment to encourage personal and interPromotions relationships.

Bringing people together to create interPromotions has become more complex in our current, digitally oriented society. However, we still understand how important it is for you to join your partners and/or colleagues during a networking event, to make new contacts and reinforce existing ones. Our goal is to encourage interPromotions naturally through use of the space, tools and gadgets to simplify online social interaction.

Of course, networking is much more fun when accompanied by tasty snacks and beverages. We can supply you and your guests with these luxury extras during your networking event. We can adjust our culinary selection according to your wishes and requirements. I this a networking event between meetings or presentations? Then you might want to opt for a delicious coffee and tea selection together with luxury pastries. Or smoothies and healthy snacks to energise your colleagues and partners, so they can continue through the day with their batteries freshly charged. 

For an evening network event or an event following a day of meetings, you can opt for different selection. Perhaps a Gin & Tonic bar, Champagne together with oyster hostesses who will offer your guests the highest quality products with a smile. Your guests can relax and share ideas in an informal setting. Our experienced colleagues can be implemented in various ways. During your networking sessions, your guests will be provided with quality catering.

Hotel van Oranje offers both location and organisation along with a wide range of options for networking events, from small gatherings to large conferences. Allow us to make your networking event an amazing experience which no attendee will quickly forget.

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