Your goal is to promote a new product or message in an original and unforgettable way. Together, we can organise a product presentation tot wow your guests, giving them both a new experience as well as an unforgettable event, leaving your mark on potential clients and partners.

Bring your brand to life with a unique event. Hotel van Oranje is the perfect location and organiser for a promotional event. We make your presentation into an experience by integrating a theme using food and drink, visual aspects, sound and division of space. 

Hotel van Oranje offers endless possibilities for promotional events, with 32 conference rooms with capacities from 10 up to 1750 guests there will always be plenty of space. In addition, we also have other unique locations perfect for a promotional event such as our swimming pool and Beach Club O. 

Our experienced event managers can organise your original event. Whatever your request, however crazy, we can do it. Hotel van Oranje can host a car launch, thanks to our car lift autolift in our largest plenary space. We can also organise fashion shows in our Winter Garden, or at the pool, with a catwalk built over the water.  

Your promotional event will radiate whatever allure and tension you require, thanks to the best quality light and sound installations. OWe can also project videos projecteren onto objects or large screens.
After your product's presentation it is time to celebrate. The changeover can happen in a special and original manner using balloons, for example, falling from the ceiling as the DJ or live band begin to play. 

Our culinary selection will never let you down, thanks to our team van chefs ready to produce delights for you and your guests. For a special event, you need special dishes and drinks. The catering department will cook up something that reflects your chosen theme and integrate all they make to contribute to your chosen mood.

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