Oriento serves delicious dishes inspired by the Asian cuisine. Let us take you on a tour of several Asian countries and enjoy this culinary experience. Oriento is located directly on the beautiful boulevard of Noordwijk and gives you spectacular views of the beach that was named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by National Geographic. Be pampered by our enthusiastic staff and taste Asian cuisine.

Every part of Asia has its own characteristic values, cuisine and symbols. Every new destination means a new perception of spices, flavors and fragrances. This experience is doesn’t miss a moment of hospitality, where boundaries between nature and culture and enjoying the little things are the main focus. Let us take you into the Asian culture of hospitality and stimulating senses. Discover the magic of the Asian cuisine. "One of the great things about traveling is discovering amazing food".

Thailand, the land of smiles with Bangkok as its capital. Overwhelmed by crowds, tropical temperatures and generous locals, you can find great restaurants in Bangkok. In the Thai culture, it’s rude to say no or to disappoint someone. Experience the limitless variety of dishes from Thailand that are guaranteed to please everyone's taste. The aromas of curry, teriyaki chicken are based on the passion for Thai cuisine. Dare to say 'no' to the Thai beef salad, Tom Kha Kai Thai chicken coconut soup or the irresistible wok dishes.

With the delicious Fish Amok, a typical Cambodian dish with rich yellow curry, you find yourself at the Crab Market on the coast of Cambodia. The Crab Market is one of the most impressive places on earth. A row of old wooden huts by and in the sea, where they feast on delicious grilled shrimp, squid and other fish. Taste the passion of local, fresh produce used in the dishes of Oriento.

In Oriento you should feel free to enjoy all the Oriental experiences in your own way with hospitality tended to perfection. Experience the magic of "Asian Inspired Cuisine '!

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