Extend your summer with an unforgettable stay at Hotel van Oranje. Book in advance and receive €25,- hotelcredit per day with a minimum stay of 3 nights. With this, you will receive €50,00 hotelcredit when you will stay for 3 nights, and up to €100,00 for a five-days stay. There is no limit, every extra day is worth an extra €25,00 of hotelcredit. Enjoy summer at the coast of Noordwijk aan Zee!

The Deluxe Rooms in Hotel van Oranje are luxurious hotel rooms that meet all the wishes of guests. They offer luxury, comfort and a colourful, timeless design. Each hotel room is dedicated to 'beach and sea', which will give a real beach vibe. The hotel also has various facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, spa treatments and gym.

In short; Deluxe hotel rooms in Noordwijk aan Zee offer all facilities for a wonderful and carefree stay. Each room has a beautiful view of the picturesque Noordwijk aan Zee or the beautiful boulevard and the beach. Enjoy luxury and comfort at the most beautiful beach in the Netherlands. 

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