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Are you in need for a therapeutic massage? Or do you prefer a relaxing hot stone massage? We are happy to help you in deciding which massage suits you best! Eliminate all tension in your muscular system with a therapeutic massage by one of our professional massage therapists, or completely relax during one of our calming massages


Hot Stone Massage

Here we use heated stones which we place on the body. An extremely effective massage technique, because it helps to restore the balance between mind and body. Due to the special effect of the heat of the stones, relaxation occurs at a deep level.

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Deep tissue massage

With this powerful massage, all the tension and stress is pushed out of the body. A huge boost for your health! The massage technique provides a deep muscular effect. Balance is restored for your mind and body.

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Sports Massage

Problems with sore muscles after sports? Visit Beauty Oranje for a specific sports massage and stay in shape after sports. The risk of injuries declines significantly and your performance will improve! Do not continue doing sports while suffering from an injurie. Book a sports massage to make sure you will feel reborn!

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Classic Massage

Forget the hustle and bustle of your busy life during a lovely relaxing massage at our salon. Feel free to discuss with our massage therapists what would be the most ideal massage for you. Just lie back and dream away. All your stress and tensions will vanish and the massage will contribute to a healthy body and mind. Pure enjoyment!

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