Everybody wants a healthy lifestyle and a toned body. But sport is not only good for your personal health. It also helps add to the teambuilding experience for your personnel by introducing different group activities. These add to the general atmosphere on the work floor, increase productivity and reduce sick leave.

Meet our Personal Trainer: Robin van Vliet. 

My name is Robin, I have been interested in and taken part in sports from a very young age. During my career I have come across various challenges, learning to manage each situation according to you, your group or your staff. I served as a marine for six years, played for VV Noordwijk for five years and was named the top centre-forward defender of 2014. I have followed a variety of courses (AALO academy, Marine training) and am also active within a functionary role in local sports run by the municipality. My past has always involved sports and now I am here to help you as personal trainer for Hotel van Oranje. The combination of social skills, sportsmanship, curiosity and passion has made me someone who wants and offers quality. You can train with me at Hotel van Oranje, elsewhere in the hotel, on the beach or on the dunes. 

Would you like to get moving together with Robin? Take a look at the various possibilities in the side bar .  

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