After a long week full of meetings the time has come to get together and toast your achievements. What could be better than jumping into the pool and completely letting go.

After a day of meetings you can further discuss with your colleagues at Oriento. When dinner ends and everyone prepares for the evening's end, the wall between restaurant and swimming pool opens and the dinner changes into a proper pool party. The DJ starts the music, the dancers perform on stage and your guests can order quality drinks from the bar. Thirty minutes later, believe it or not, everyone with a costume will be in Hotel van Oranje's 30 metre long wave pool.

A pool party would also be a great idea for your birthday. Invite friends and family for a meal and surprise them as the wall between our Asian-inspired Oriento restaurant and our 30 metre long wave pool slides away. Your guests won't know what's happening and will talk about your party for years to come. 

As the only hotel in Europe with a 30 metre long subtropical wave pool, Hotel van Oranje the ideal hotel for your parties and groups. With a standard temperature of 32 degrees, the pool is always at a pleasant temperature. Every fifteen minutes the calm waters of the subtropical swimming pool turns into a real wave pool, bringing the ocean experience indoors.

Would you like to come and take at look at our restaurant and Oranje Aqua & Sauna? You are very welcome! Our event managers will tell you about the endless possibilities.

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