The different sauna’s, our Hamman, the jacuzzi, the micro mist sauna and the tanning beds make your relaxing experience complete. We offer the ultimate in wellness packages here in Noordwijk.

With 1500 m2 of Pure Wellness, highly skilled and friendly personnel and the most amazing space, Oranje Aqua & Sauna is an absolute must when it comes to down time. The two professional tanning beds mean summertime 365 days of the year! Enjoy safe, reliable professional tanning beds. 

The incredibly luxurious sauna offers 80 and 90 degree temperatures, good for the circulatory system, healthy skin, improved immunity, treatment of pain and a healthy airway. Recommended for those with asthma and other airway problems, a sauna session can work miracles. The better you can breathe, the healthier you will become. The heat cure releases and repairs tired, stiff muscles and reduced acid build-up. Thanks to saunas, the body can expel toxic products from the body such as bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and parasites. Naturally, the sauna is also an extremely relaxing experience. Plenty of reasons to pay a visit to the sauna!

Blow away the cobwebs in our Hamman! In the steam room your skin will undergo a deep clean. The high humidity levels in combination with high temperatures will have you break into a sweat. The pores react by completely opening, releasing toxic build-ups and waste through the skin. A session in the Hamman is highly relaxing. You will feel energised, feel mentally at peace and will feel more positive and happy. 

Empty your head and dream yourself away during your jacuzzi session. The relaxing effect releases your mind, making you more capable of dealing with life's daily stresses. The micro mist sauna will wake you up after your time of complete relaxation.

End your stay on one of our professional tanning beds for a healthy inside and a great colour outside. Reserve your stay at the sauna and make your day complete with a holiday at Hotel van Oranje, Autograph Collection.

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