The different sauna’s, a Turkish bath, the jacuzzi, the micro mist sauna and the tanning beds make your relaxing experience complete. We offer the ultimate in wellness packages here in Noordwijk.

With the different saunas, our Turkish bath, the jacuzzi, the wave pool and the tanning beds, we are making sure that you can enjoy our Aqua & Sauna to the fullest! 

The luxurious sauna offers a 80 and 90 degree sauna, which is good for your blood circulation, your skin and pain relief. The sauna also improves your airways. Especially for people with breathing-issues, a visit to our sauna can work wonders. 

Blow off some steam at our Turkish bath! The warm mist of the Turkish bath will get your skin a deep cleansing, relaxes your muscles and clears your mind. A session in our Turkish bath will makes sure you will get some extra energy and feel more equipped. 

Empty your head and dream away during your jacuzzi session. The relaxing effect releases your mind, making you more capable of dealing with life's daily stresses. The micro mist sauna will wake you up after your time of complete relaxation.

For a beautiful, tanned skin, end your spa-day on one of our professional tanning beds. 

Reserve your spa-day and complete your day with a stay at Hotel van Oranje.

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