Sports Massage is a specialist massage with both a preventive and curative outcome It helps loosen the muscles, increases performance and reduces injury. The sports massage therapist can also advise you about the correct way to move. As your muscles begin to work more intensively, your body will need further attention. The muscle group involved is directly treated by our top massage therapists. Massage removes toxins from the muscles which can cause pain or cramps. The metabolism is also positively affected, meaning your body can repair itself much more quickly. At Oranje Beauty we strive to offer you the optimal treatment to speed up your recovery!

The classic massage relaxes the muscles, and creates an environment in which the body can recover. Your body will feel stronger and will be ready for more exertion. Classic massages are mostly used for relaxation and sedation.

The unique location of Beauty Oranje, at the beach of Noordwijk aan Zee makes your experience a total package of relaxation. Your body endures a lot of stress on a daily basis. It is scientifically proven that people who have regular massages are less vulnerable for diseases because of an enhanced immune-system, are more positive and experience less stress.

Massages are a way of getting rid of tension and enhancing the natural recovery of the body. During a massage, the body creates Oxytocine, the happiness hormone which will make you feel full of joy. It is important to take responsibility for your health and get treated (preventive) for complaints.

Our salon only works with the best brands and products, skilled staff and the most effective treatments. With nine different salons and two top of the bill therapists you will be pampered and enjoy full service. Contact us for an appointment!

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