Deep tissue massage concentrates on the body's tissue layer between muscle and skin. It is also known as reflex zone massage. Zones exist in the body which are linked to all glands, organs and other body parts. By stimulating these zones, the organs etcetera will also be stimulated, improving their function and removing blockages.

Stimulation is given by way of various hand-massage techniques. These techniques vary from light touches (superficial stroking) to rolling of the skin. Through such techniques, the skin and tissues are stimulated, encouraging circulation and improving the health of the tissues, while at the same time reducing adhesions.

A deep tissue massage is a brilliant way to improve skin condition and is ideal as an anti-wrinkle and scar therapy. Our top massage therapist uses a special technique which has an effect upon the central skin layer. This deep massage method reshapes the tissue cells, encouraging the skin to renew itself and in doing so, reinforces skin cohesion. Treat yourself to 55 minutes of bliss with one of our skilled massage therapists and feel the long term effects. 

With nine salons and two top massage therapists, you will be in expert hands at Oranje Beauty. Make an appointment for a short consultation or advice regarding any current complaints or preventive treatments. Oranje Beauty only works with quality products, experienced and skilled personnel and the most effective treatments. At a unique location on Noordwijk aan Zee beach, Oranje Beauty is one of the most beautiful and individual beauty centres in the Netherlands. 

Our staff constantly strive to achieve the best results, with the client's wishes and needs taking priority. Besides massage, Oranje Beauty also offers body and face treatments, manicures, pedicures and up total new looks at Oranje Hair Studio. You are always very welcome!

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