This unique massage, using hot stones, is extremely effective. Not only because of the heat conduction, but also because they exercise an effect upon the energy centres necessary for the correct balance of body and mind.

Massage is a way to reduce tension and encourage the body's natural healing processes. The human body produces oxytocin or the 'happy hormone' during a massage, which makes you feel contented and happy. The body is given the opportunity to recover from stress. Take control of your health and let Oranje Beauty treat you for health problems or as a preventive measure. It has been scientifically proven that those who regularly enjoy a massage are less susceptible to illness thanks to a healthy immune system. They are also more positive and suffer less from stress. 

During a Hot Stone massage basalt pebbles are used. Basalt is a hard, iron containing volcanic rock of high density. These properties mean the stone holds on to heat. Through this stone's special heat holding properties, massages reach deeper levels and the healing power of the body is increased.

A Hot Stone massage guarantees complete relaxation. The hot basalt pebbles heat to approximately 45 degrees Celsius and stimulate the circulation and the organs and helps the body to rid itself of toxic products more quickly. Through the combination of heat and movement all over the body, the massage reaches the deeper muscle layers - much deeper than a regular massage would. It is therefore much more effective!

Spoil yourself and reduce tension, stress, muscle complaints, digestive complaints, bad circulation and joint problems. With nine salons, two top massage therapists, various body and facial treatments, manicure/pedicure, a hair salon and much more, Oranje Beauty has all you need for your treatment to go smoothly. We only use quality products, skilled and experienced staff and the most effective treatments. With us, beauty takes on a different meaning. 

Call or visit us for personal advice by our Beauty Advisor or one of our massage therapists.

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