Sports Massage is a specialist massage with both a preventive and curative outcome It helps loosen the muscles, increases performance and reduces injury. The sports massage therapist can also advise you about the correct way to move. As your muscles begin to work more intensively, your body will need further attention. The muscle group involved is directly treated by our top massage therapists. Massage removes toxins from the muscles which can cause pain or cramps. The metabolism is also positively affected, meaning your body can repair itself much more quickly. At Oranje Beauty we strive to offer you the optimal treatment to speed up your recovery!

Sports Massage is not only for recreational sportsmen and women, but also for those people who no longer take part in high level sporting activities. Even in the absence of physical complaints, a visit to the sports massage therapist is a great idea. Sports makes you healthy, and to remain healthy you need to move regularly. The level is less important, it is your pleasure and sense of achievement that count.

Intensive sporting can lead to strain itself leading to tissue structure damage whereby you will be more susceptible to injury. Sports massage keeps the sportsman and woman's body in good health, improving performance and reducing the chance of injury. Oranje Beauty works exclusively with quality products, highly skilled personnel and the most effective treatments. With nine salons and two top massage therapists you are in good hands at Oranje Beauty for whichever massage you choose! 

The top massage therapists are ready and waiting to offer you the correct advice, and are equipped and trained to write up a personal treatment plan for you. Spoil yourself to 25 or 55 minutes massage at one of the most beautiful and unique beauty centres in the Netherlands. With a unique location on Noordwijk beach you will experience maximum relaxation. Besides massage, you can come to Oranje Beauty for skin consultations, exclusive products, body and facial treatments, manicure and pedicure and much more! You are more than welcome to make an appointment or simply ask for advice in our salon. 

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