The French stylist René Furterer became familiar with the qualities of plants and essential oils in his early childhood. A pioneer in finding natural solutions for hair and scalp, he created the first spa for hair in Paris in 1957. In the hair salon Beauty Oranje we work enthusiastically with the products of René Furterer.

The style in the 1950s, left a lot of customers with over-bleached and damaged hair by the efforts to achieve the sought-after Marilyn Monroe look. At that time, René Furterer realized that it could only be repaired and revitalized from the roots of a healthy scalp. Thus, a new personalized method using natural ingredients for treating both scalp and hair was born and reached success.

Beautiful hair is nothing other than well-groomed hair. Choose products that are most suitable for your hair type. Be pampered by the professional hairstylists at Beauty Oranje with the René Furterer cure treatment. The treatment restores very dry and damaged hair. Thorough restructuring unveils healthier, softer and more manageable hair. Let your hair shine again after a haircut, wash or high lights treatment.

The intensive products of René Furterer are also available for private use. External influences may dry out the hair, and normal hair is the exception rather than the rule. Proper hair care is essential to prevent hair breakage and dullness. Our hair specialist is happy to provide you with advice in the salon. You are more than welcome.

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