100% natural hair colouring for all hair types

 Do you want to colour your hair in a pure, natural way with your hair also being cared for? Then Henna offers the solution. The structure of the hair is not damaged by the colouring and ensures healthy hair. It is a transparent colouring that is possible in various colours. Henna is a 100% vegetable product. It is even healthy for the hair. In addition to the new colour, it also gives a radiant shine. This is caused by the tanning substance tannin, which makes the hair surface smooth and at the same time harder. The powders are mixed with plant extracts. It gives your hair a personal touch and it has no destaining effect. This natural hemp powder is not oxidizing and contains no ammonia. This means that oily hair no longer needs to be washed so often and fine thin hair gets more volume. This product can only be used during your treatment at the Hairstudio.  

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