Are you in the mood to change your look completely? Or to bring back your hair colour? Beauty Oranje only works with the best products, qualified personnel and the most effective methods. Discover which hair colour matches your skin type and visit us for the best advice.

Colours have a special appeal and give radiance to your life. If you fancy a new look, it is essential to first trace your skin type to ensure a beautiful color. Nobody wants to look pale or older because of the wrong choice of hair colour. There are a lot of possibilities to choose from but it all depends on the appearance you want. Do you like a strong, warm, sweet or soft look? You can come very far with the right advice. Hairstudio Oranje has everything to make your new look a reality.

At Beauty Oranje, we offer different hair colouring possibilities. This differs in colour type,hair type and the reason for colouring the hair. We offer colour rinsing, high lights or hen colouring. It is essential to provide your hair with the proper care after colouring it. Good hair products make sure the hair colour remains, the dullness disappears and that the hair has a healthy appearance.

Hairstudio Oranje, located in Noordwijk aan Zee is part of Beauty Oranje and offers more than just attention to hair. Enjoy the Beauty Oranje facials, body treatments, massages, pedicures and manicures and many other facilities. The location and luxurious ambience makes Beauty Oranje one of the most beautiful and unique beauty centers in the Netherlands.

Are you a summer, autumn, winter or spring type? Find your ideal hair colour and get advice from our professional hairstylist. Make an appointment and be surprised!

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