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Do you suffer from physical complaints, or do you just need to relax? The top massage therapists at Oranje Beauty offer a solution for each and every need. At Oranje Beauty we produce results. Whether you opt for an Of intensive sports massage, stimulating deep tissue massage or relaxing hot stone massage, your wishes take priority. Either enjoy your pamper session in Oranje Beauty or opt for the ultimate relaxing environment and book a massage on the beach.


Hot Stone Massage

This unique massage technique, using hot stones, is extremely effective. Through the special heat effect, you will not only attain a deep level of relaxation, but will also benefit from this treatment's regenerative qualities, allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently.

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Deep tissue massage

An intensive massage laying emphasis on the circulatory system and subcutaneous tissues of the lower limbs. Let yourself be completely pampered for 55 minutes by one of our top massage therapists and be amazed at the incredible results!

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Sports Massage

Intensive sporting can lead to strain itself leading to tissue structure damage whereby you will be more susceptible to injury Sports massage keeps the sportsman and woman's body in good health, improving performance and reducing the chance of injury dramatically.

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Classic Massage

A massage where a rich mix of Western healthcare and Eastern philosophy is pivotal. Shake each and every sense awake with this unique massage, carried out by expert massage therapists for complete relaxation, a state of pure calm and inner peace.

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